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Sunshine State Young Readers Program

The Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) book list is developed each year utilizing input from experienced committees of media specialists from throughout Florida.  The books on this list may not be appropriate for all students. Some books may include main characters navigating mature teen and/or adult situations. Stories represent various genres, formats, reading levels, viewpoints, and ethnic/cultural perspectives, while exploring sensitive issues. Therefore, it is imperative that concerned parents/guardians play an active role in their child’s reading selection by previewing the titles to ensure an enriching and exciting reading experience. Please click on the link below for the 15 titles and the summary of each story.

2023-2024  Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award Title List

Description of all the books

Parent Permission Form 


How the Program Works

  • Interested students will be added to an SSYRA Course in Schoology after returning the Parent Permission Form.
  • Read an SSYRA book 
  • Take a 25 point Schoology quiz on the book and score over 60%. 
  • Earn a Schoology badge + 1 PBIS point for that book!
  • Try to collect all 15 badges!
  • The program ends on Friday, April 26, 2024

Battle of the Books

The Virtual Battle of the Books will be held in March 8, 2024.  The team will be made up of the seven students with the highest scores and the most books read BY FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8.  The top 5 students will participate, the other 2 are alternates.  



District Battle of the Books


Contact Mrs. Jaeger with any questions