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Activities Include: Football, basketball, Volleyball, paddle tennis, frisbee, softball, soccer, dancing, kickball, speedball and various sports drills and games.

Class Rules

1.  All students are required to dress out for PE. Any color blue shorts of proper length and a gray t-shirt are required.   Sweat pants and sweat shirts may be worn over their PE uniform.   The sweat shirt or sweat pants may be of any color.

You may purchase gym clothes from the PE department at any time.  If you chose to provide your own shorts and shirt then they must adhere to the established dress code (i.e. no bare midriff, shorts must be the appropriate length, etc.) Please refer to the dress code printed in your child’s student planner.

2.  All shirts must have student’s name in permanent marker across the back shoulder in large print.  Shorts must be marked with the student’s initials.

3.  A portion of a student’s grade will be based on dressing out and participating in class. If student is unable to participate their guardian must send in an excuse note to their PE teacher.  If student is unable to participate for more than one week a student must bring in an excuse note from their physician.

4.  All students must have a combination lock to receive a locker. For safety reasons no key type locks will be allowed. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS LEFT IN THE LOCKER ROOM.

5.  Only non marking soles are allowed. No boots, dress shoes, sandals, Sperry’s or cleats are allowed. If you are uncertain if your child’s shoes meet criteria you are welcome to bring them in and we will determine if they are acceptable.

6.  No food, drinks (other than water), glass containers, aerosol spray cans or gum are allowed in the gym or locker rooms.

7.  Jewelry should not be worn during P.E. This includes earrings, watches, anklets, rings and necklaces.

8.  Students are encouraged to bring water bottles, hats, sun screen and sun glasses during outdoor PE activities.