Clubs and Sports at FCMS

Clubs and Activities are a great way to stay connected during your time at middle school.
You will meet new friends, hang out with old friends, and get to know teachers and
community sponsors outside of the classroom. Check out the clubs and activities
that you think you might like to spend time doing then e-mail the sponsor for more information.

Club Name Sponsoring Teacher  (Room Number) Day
Art Cohen (755) Thursdays 2-3:15pm
B6 (Be the 6 Pillars of Character) Jones  (555) 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 2-3pm
Campus Life Barfoot (Front Office More information soon
Drama Staffaroni (880) Every Tuesday    2-4pm
FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Benavides (715) Every Tuesday  2-3pm
No Excuses Running Club Benavides (715)  Starts in January
Fruit Cove Cares Rodgers (360) Every other Monday 2-3pm
Beginning 10/1/18
National Junior Honor Society Doemel (560) 3rd Tuesday/month  2-3pm
Robotics Haigler (410) Every Tuesday  2-3pm
RPG (Gaming) Miller (440) Every Friday  2-3pm