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Welcome to the FCMS School Advisory Council!

clip_image002The Fruit Cove Middle School Advisory Council recognizes that the education of students is a shared responsibility involving the school, students, their families, and members of this community. Parents and guardians have the right, as well as the responsibility, to participate in the education of their children, and can contribute to their children’s development in a wide variety of ways. Other members of the community also offer a wealth of experience and expertise that may be of benefit to students. Members of all of these groups should, therefore, have the opportunity to advise in educational matters. Fruit Cove Middle School is committed to encouraging partnerships that will enhance the education of its students.

Thank you!


 SAC meetings are held at 3:00pm in the Media Center.

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
September 15, 2015  915Agenda 915Minutes
October 20, 2015  1020Agenda 1020Minutes
November 17, 2015 1117Agenda 1117Minutes
December 15, 2015 1215Agenda 1215Minutes
January 19, 2016  119Agenda 119Minutes
February 23, 2016  223Agenda 223Minutes
March 15, 2016 315Agenda 315Minutes
April 19, 2016
 419Agenda 419Minutes

*These are dates immediately following student/teacher holidays.

Please check each month for the meeting agendas. Anyone who wants to request a topic be added to the agenda should contact Ms. Gaus at least seven (7) days before a scheduled meeting.
Agendas will be published three (3) days prior to the meeting.

2014 – 2015

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
August 26, 2014 826Agenda 826Minutes
September 16, 2014 916Agenda 916Minutes
October 21, 2014 1021Agenda 1021Minutes 
November 18, 2014  1118Agenda  1118Minutes
December 16, 2014  1216Agenda 1216Minutes
January 20, 2015  120Agenda 120Minutes 
February 17, 2015 217Agenda   217Minutes
March 24, 2015 324Agenda  324Minutes 
April 21, 2015 (FSA Week) 421Agenda  421Minutes
May 19, 2015 (Final Week) 519Agenda 519Minutes