Staff Directory

O’Connor, Lynn Principal   [email protected]
Jackson, Marquez Assistant Principal   [email protected]
Lay, Joe Assistant Principal   [email protected]
Durnin, Fab Cafeteria Manager   [email protected]
Strange, James Maintenance Coordinator   [email protected]
Doolittle, Julie Executive Secretary   [email protected]
Cole, Patrick Dean   [email protected]
McCarron, Deanna Assistant to the Dean   [email protected]
Sisson, Lori Instructional Literacy Coach   [email protected]
Bell, Margaret Computer Operator   [email protected]
Bellar, Lora Lee Receptionist   [email protected]
Tranquellino, Cindi Clinic Manager   [email protected]
Harrill, Cathleen Counselor -7th M-L, 8th grade [email protected]
Murray, Maureen Counselor – 6th grade, 7th A-L [email protected]
Connolly, Marge Guidance Secretary [email protected]
Webpage Dept Grade Email
Abbott, Renee Science 6 [email protected]
Aggas, John Science 8 [email protected]
Alexander, Kerrie Math 6 [email protected]
Baker, Brandi Math 8 [email protected]
Baroch, Dee Social Studies 6 [email protected]
Bavuso, Catherine ESE 7 [email protected]
Benavides, Jill Social Studies 6 [email protected]
Binns, Pamela ESE 6 [email protected]
Butler, Daisy Science 7 [email protected]
Calabrase, Lauren Science 6 [email protected]
Deasy, Traci Language Arts 7 [email protected]
Dehner, Amanda Math 6 [email protected]
Dill, Debbie Math 6 [email protected]
Doemel, Debbie Language Arts 6 [email protected]
Farbo, Barbara Math 7 [email protected]
Fillippo, Julie Language Arts 6 [email protected]
Forfar, Karen Language Arts 7 [email protected]
Gaus, Amanda Social Studies 7 [email protected]
Greening, Raina Art 7 [email protected]
Hagopian, Nancy Adv. Reading & SS
7-8  [email protected]
Haigler, Jarelis Science 7 [email protected]
Hampton, Lisa Language Arts 8 [email protected]
Heymann, Cheryl Intensive Reading 6-8 [email protected]
Hicks, Kelly Math 7 [email protected]
Hill, Karlina Physical Education 6-8 [email protected]
Hirsch, Julie Social Studies 7 [email protected]
Holt, Annette Critical Thinking, Adv. Reading
8 [email protected]
Howard, Matt Physical Education 6-8 [email protected]
Huff, Michelle Social Studies 8 [email protected]
Hunt, Danna Math 8 [email protected]
Isabelle, Don Band 6-8 [email protected]
Jaeger, Jennifer Media Specialist 6-8 [email protected]
Jarrell, Farren Social Studies 7 [email protected]
Kalfa, Lisa Language Arts 8 [email protected]
Kiefer, Jill Science 7 [email protected]
Kloeppel, Kate Adv. Reading  7 [email protected]
Lossing, Kelly Language Arts 8 [email protected]
Lynch, Joan Science 6 [email protected]
Martin Vickie Science 8 [email protected]
McCormick, Teresa Social Studies 8 [email protected]
McNerney, Sandra Science 8 [email protected]
Merchant, Saige Math 6-8 [email protected]
Meyer, Sarah Physical Education 6-8 [email protected]
Miller, Teya Language Arts 7 [email protected]
Ottenstein, Patty Health 6 [email protected]
Riner, Patrick ESE 6-8 [email protected]
Robinson, Kathy Social Studies 6 [email protected]
Rodgers, Jennifer LA / Adv Reading 6, 8 [email protected]
Schmidt, Jill Social Studies 6 [email protected]
Schwindt, Carrie Information Technology 8 [email protected]
Scott, Stacy Social Studies 6 [email protected]
Sica, Brandie ESE  6-8 [email protected]
Smith, Becci Math  7 [email protected]
Staffaroni, Jeffrey Chorus, Drama 6-8 [email protected]
Sullivan, Mary Computer Applications 8 [email protected]
Sweet, Cheryl ESE 8 [email protected]
Thompson, Nicole Language Arts 6 [email protected]
Villadoniga, Richard Spanish I 8 [email protected]
Warner, Trisha Math 8 [email protected]
Wellington, Manny Physical Education 8 [email protected]
Whitmer, Steve Social Studies 8 [email protected]
Zamparelli, Alexis Adv. Reading 6 [email protected]