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October 1, 2021

  1. Have you sold any fundraising items to friends or relatives yet? Remember you can sell to people even if they are out of state. You can also sell to neighbors that you know! Make sure to be safe and only sell to people you and your parents know.”
  2. NJHS and WEB are sponsoring a sock drive. It will begin on Monday, October 4 and run through Friday, October 8th. Please bring in any new or slightly used socks to your homeroom teacher. The grade level homerooms which bring in the most socks will receive donuts! There will be prizes for second place homerooms as well. All donated socks will go to homeless shelters in the area.
  3. Be sure to ask your parents to purchase items for themselves and its a good time to get some holiday shopping done too! Your parents can also bring your catalogs to work to show their co-workers! Remember, if every family buys 1 item, our school will get more items to spend on our school and your education!”