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Special Topics 2020/2021

**The following websites will take you out of the St. Johns County Schools website. The organizations listed are not affiliated with St. Johns County Schools.**
FSA Preparation
 MackinVia -FCMS eBooks
Computer-based practice
Paper-based practice Tips for taking the tests (ppt)
Schoology Khan Academy Office 365
Imagine Math Algebra Nation (use Firefox) Brain Pop
8th Grade FL Choices Newsela – 6th Adv. Reading FL Virtual School
Florida Students Khan Academy TestNav
Lexia Strategies Patron Station CLEVER
iXL Tech Talk (login required)
Research Patron Station MackinVia
World Book Online Florida Electronic Library St. Johns Public Library
Google MLA Citation Guide
EasyBib Citation Machine Purdue Owl Citation
Book Reviews (Doemel)
Patron Station St. Johns Public Library Barnes & Noble
Almost Painless Guide: Legislative Branch Analyzing Declaration of Independence Enlightenment Ideas…Founding Fathers
Escambia EOC Review Evaluate the Candidates: Who Will You Choose Executive Command
How are Laws Made iCivics: Bill of Rights
iCivics: Win the White House Journey through Justice: Our Federal Courts Know Your Rights: Examining Bill of Rights
LawCraft Party On: Political Parties in America Presidential Election
Presidential Power Represent Me! Roles of the President
Supreme Court Comparing Constitutions Civics 360
The Supreme Court & Equal Rights International Conflicts
8th Gr Science
 Show What You Know page
Alien Juice Bar pH Scales  
Measurement Lab Watch it: Measurement Research it: Measurement
Scientific Method Lab Watch it: Scientific Method Research it: Scientific Method Research it: Scientific Method (2)
Safety Lab Watch it: Safety Research it: Safety
Atom Lab Watch it: Atoms Research it: Atoms
Elements, Mixtures, Compounds Lab Watch it (1): Elements, etc Watch it (2): Elements, etc Research it: Elements, etc.
States of Matter Lab Stations Simulation   Tutorial Video (Study Jams Solid, Liquid, Gas)
McNerney – Cell Station Review Kahoot
Research It 1   Research It 2
H-R Diagram & Lifecycle of a Star Stations Research it!   Star Life         *Use Internet Explorer
Watch it!   Life Cycle of Stars
 Your Age on other planets Star Life Cycle Escape Room Codes
 Planet Escape Room Codes
French & Indian War
History is Fun
Britannica Office of the Historian
Loyalists, Patriots, Fence-sitters
US History Smithsonian America in Class use left sidebar
Veterans Day Veterans Day Facts Veterans Day Facts for Kids
History of Veterans Day Interesting Facts about Veterans Day Veterans Day Fast Facts
7th Grade Science
Science Buddies 1000 Science Fair Projects
Fossil Tour Rocks & Minerals webquest
Marble Drop Challenge Invention Suspensions
Scientist Biographies
20th Century Scientists Famous Scientists
Sea Floor Spreading
Science Buddies Sources page
Cooking with Bill Nye Can crickets tell temperature? Identifying variables tutorial
Repetition vs Replication Stop the zombie virus/graphing practice Scientific method practice quiz Multiple choice
6th Grade Science Create A Graph
Monroe Doctrine Webquest
#05 James Monroe History: James Monroe
Jan. 31 Inservice
Tech Notes Schoology Assignments
Tropicana Speech
 FCMS Pet Census