8th Grade News and Events

8th Grade: News and Events
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Two Options for Summer Online Courses

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) and St. Johns Virtual (SJVS)

Both options have the same curriculum, but SJVS offers local teachers and FLVS offers more classes. Online classes are to be approved by the school counselor. Your eighth grade school counselor is Kelly Schraff. She will review your class choice and either approve or deny the course. Approval is based on course progression, students’ current grades, and the rigor of the course chosen. You will receive an email after the course has been approved so be sure to put in a working email. Please check your spam folders as some email carriers will mark as junk or spam. You will not receive an email from the virtual teacher to begin the class until right before the start date that you choose when registering.

How to sign up for SJVS

Go to https://stjohnsvirtual.com/ and scroll down to the two red buttons. Choose “High School Course Registration”. Choose your course from the course catalog. If you choose a course that says “SJVS-APEX”, they are St. Johns and you will be taken to the St. Johns registration page. If you choose a courses labeled “SJVS-Educator”, they are Florida Virtual and you will be taken to the FLVS webpage where you can follow the above directions and register on FLVS.

How to sign up for FLVS

Go to https://flvs.net/ and select “enroll” then “FLVS Flex, Grades 6-12”.  Then click on “New students start here” arrow.  Then choose the Florida icon, then “St. Johns”, “public/charter school” and then press continue. Choose your class. It should bring you to the course description page with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 in green bubbles. Under 1, select “all segments” from drop down button.  Under 2, put in your start date.  They can start now for more time before summer if they want.  Under 3, select “St Johns Virtual School” from drop down button.  Then press the “continue” arrow at the bottom of the page. It will then direct you to register for virtual school.

If you have any questions, please call the school counselor, Ms. Schraff at 547-7881.


Important 8th Grade Events

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